• Dela livi

    loloooollolol boredome!!

    October 28, 2014 by Dela livi

    I'm bored, there's nothing going on on deviantart, youtube, or anywhere!!!! so I just decided to ramble on about randome stuff 'cause I can. pie, cheesecake, ect.

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  • Dela livi

    except for today, I havent been on this wiki for about two monts. in my absence, there has been a couple of admins from creepypasta wiki giving rude comments to people on this site.

    I want to make it clear that this behavior WILL NOT be acceptable and anyone who does this will be first warned, and then banned for a week from this wiki. any other comments after that will grant them an additional week.

    i'm sorry to those who have not done so, but I don't want this wiki to be a place where people are going to be judged just for the sake of "bad grammar",which is actually their interpretation of anything that isn't a perfect piece of literature. this wiki is about people expressing themselves through creepypasta stories, not about perfect grammar. …

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