from: creepypasta wiki

The “Alice Complex” is the name psychologists have decided to give to this alarming, yet not new, mental illness.

The name was chosen after one of the most famous cases of the complex, young Alice Liddell, though, certainly not the last one. Young Alice may have been pushed into this fantasy by none other than Lewis Carol, as a grown woman having overcome childhood trauma, it was the death of her children that finally ended her mind. The Alice Complex is a mental illness that absorbs the afflicted individual's mind into a fantasy world, and while this does not make them hallucinate, it makes them believe that they do not belong to their current reality. The afflicted display severe emotional detachment from the real world, which eventually causes a conflict with the people surrounding them.

Little is known about the illness, since the afflicted are extremely secretive of this world, to the point where if they ever do talk about it, they will never admit their deep obsession for it. The deeper they sink into this false reality the more dangerous it becomes, some even go to the great length of committing suicide, having been convinced that the real world holds no hopes for them and that, maybe, they will go to heaven, or this “Wonderland”. What’s curious about this, though, is that a great majority of the afflicted, if not all, are women that have had severe personal problems at some point in their lives. Some of them do get to overcome this, but at one point or another they fall back down. The illness starts growing at a young age, and sometimes is encouraged by parents, unaware of the disastrous consequences.

The most alarming thing about this is that the reason no information has been found is that, sooner or later, all of the victims die. Either by suicide or in a mysterious accident to which there never is an explanation.