It was dark as the girl walked home from a party, minding her own business as usual. She was lost in her own thoughts, thinking about how she snuck out of her bedroom when her parents had fallen asleep, about the people she met, and other things that were going on in her teenaged life.

She thought she heard a sound, then. something that oddly sounded like a mix between a person and an animal, but she soon shrugged it off. In the city, you learned quickly that you stayed out of the way of anyone or anything acting suspiciously. That was the way you survived, the way that your family survived. She continued walking, once again receding into her own thoughts.

Moments later, she heard the sound again. It sounded like a low growl, somewhat human, but also somewhat animalistic. She started to quicken her pace, afraid of whatever it was that was making that odd noise.

The growls just seemed to get closer the faster she walked, but for some reason, she couldn't turn around; she was too afraid to. She started sprinting, thinking only about getting as far away as possible.

She was violently shoved to the ground with a squeal, and, looking back, saw him. There was a teenaged boy, about seventeen, standing over her. He wore a grey mask that had two dark, black eyes, and a mouth stretched into a straight line. It had whiskers like a cat. He was wearing a dark brown hoodie, and a pair of jeans.

What scared her the most was the hunter's knife in his hand. It was at least six inches long, and when she saw it, she whimpered. The boy raised his knife.

"Look out behind you" he said before plunging down with the knife right into her back.

She struggled for life for a moment, before she was still. The boy got up, covered in fresh blood. He took the knife out of the dead corpse, blood still pouring out of the fresh wound. He then took it and cut a chunk of the flesh off. He put into a bag seemingly halfway full, and then walked away, searching for his next victim.